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Progressive Slots Guide

What Are Progressive Slots and How Do They Work?

For the most part, progressive slot machines online work the same way as other online slots. When it comes to the basics of how to play progressive slots, you simply spin the reels and try to match up the symbols on a payline. Each combination will pay out a fixed amount. What makes progressive slots different from the regular ones is the jackpot and how that accumulates over time.

As the name suggests, progressive slots with jackpots aren't fixed. They increase according to the number of games played. A fraction of each new bet will be added to the big prize. By lining up the highest paying symbol, the player will win the entire amount if triggered in the progressive online slot machines. In some cases, the big prize can only be won in a bonus round. Some progressive slot machines may require a certain stake to make the spin eligible for the progressive jackpot. Once the big prize is won, the pot resets to a predetermined amount.

Standalone Progressives

Standalone online progressive slot machines are perhaps the simplest kind of progressive jackpot slots. As the name suggests, these are standalone slots. In other words, they aren't connected to a network or other slot machines. It works like any other conventional slot, but with one significant difference. Standalone progressive slot machines take a fraction of the bet to build up the jackpot. Of course, the prize isn't exactly comparable to other progressive slot variations.

You could have 10 slot machines in a row, all the same game. With standalone progressive jackpots, each machine will have its own jackpot which can only be won at that machine, whereas a local progressive jackpot could be won at any of the 10 machines as they are all connected to the same network.

Local Progressives

A local progressive jackpot only takes the stakes from bets made at a single casino. To make it easier, let's assume that casino A and casino B have the same progressive slot machine. Despite being the exact same game, the jackpot will vary from one to the other. That's because only bets made at casino A will count towards its progressive jackpot. Likewise, only bets made at casino B will count towards their jackpot.

Wide Area Network Progressives

Wide area network progressive jackpots take bets from different casinos placed at one specific slot. If casinos A, B, C and D all offer the same progressive jackpot slot, then all stakes will go towards the same prize pool. This also means that players at casinos A, B, C and D will all be competing for the same jackpot. Naturally, these slots offer the biggest prizes available online and are generally known as the best online progressive slots to play.

Most Popular Online Progressive Jackpot Slot Games

Mega Moolah - This popular online progressive jackpot slot by Microgaming often offers the biggest online progressive jackpot. The jackpot game is triggered randomly, with increased chances when placing the maximum bet. Players get the chance to spin a wheel, which will point to a sector. It can land on Mini, Minor, Major or the millionaire Mega jackpot. Naturally, Mega Moolah also has fixed winning combinations like any other regular slot. Due to its popularity, Mega Moolah's online progressive jackpot tends to grow rapidly.

Mega Fortune - This slot by NetEnt also held the record for the biggest progressive jackpot ever seen before, for those playing progressive slots. Its bonus round is triggered by lining up three or more bonus symbols. Players get the chance to spin the Wheel of Fortune. This game has three different circles. Landing on a number results in an instant win, but not the big prize. By lining up three arrows on the three circles, players win the mega jackpot.

Hall of Gods - Another popular progressive slot game by NetEnt, Hall of Gods draws inspiration from Nordic mythology. The bonus round is triggered by lining up three Bonus symbols. Players need to break shields, lined up in a 5x3 format. Once three of the same symbols are matched, the bonus game ends. Players need to line up three Mega Jackpot symbols to scoop the big prize in this progressive online slot game.

Jackpot Giant - Unlike the other games in this list, Jackpot Giant by Playtech has a regular bonus round. It's a simple game in which players have to pick a volcano, which will then reveal the prize. How do you play (and win) this progressive slot? Players win the progressive jackpot by lining up five Wild symbols.