Brick-and-mortar casinos just wouldn't be the same without the electric buzzing and beeping of slot machines. Winners jump for joy as their winning coins rattle against the payout tin and the whole thing has a certain old-school charm about it.

Roulette is one of the most popular gambling games and it is one of the oldest casino games. It looks complicated, but in actual fact it’s a pretty simple, interesting and exciting game. It also offers the chance of big wins.

Blackjack among those gaming options where a player’s decisions can have a great effect on the game's outcome. The level of forethought and strategy necessary for success is unlike other casino games.

Progressive slots offer players the chance to win a life-changing amount in one spin. Playing progressive slots is the same as playing any other slot game, with the added potential to win a massive amount.

With a particularly large following in Asia, baccarat is one of the oldest and most well-known casino games in the world, available to players both in real and online casinos. In today’s world this classic card game has a huge following.

Scratch Cards are a hugely popular pastime worldwide. Available in almost every corner shop, local newsagent and petrol station, they offer a quick thrill for any player with a pound or two to spare in the search for a life-changing win.

The game of Sic Bo (pronounced "See-Bo") is a popular choice in Asian casinos. Its name roughly translates as “precious dice” or “jewel dice,” and also encompasses other variants such as tai sai (“big and small”) and dai siu (“hi-lo”).

Video poker combines the richness, variety and skill of the online poker world with the fun, quick-fire format of slot-style gaming. Although some might consider video poker games second fiddle to the more popular video slots or poker games, a quick try of Jack or Better Video Poker and its sure to change their tune.

The table looks complex, it’s laden with jargon and there are plenty of unwritten rules. Fortunately, with a few simple tips, even beginners can quickly learn to play craps like a pro.For those looking to play craps online, we also have some tips on dealing with that experience.

It was invented in Europe in the late 17th or early 18th century, and became a hugely popular draw to Monaco’s first casino. This guide will take you through the features of this thrilling game, as well as basic strategy and benefits.

Pai Gow Poker is the rising star of the casino floor. It's got low house edges, a recognisable format, and very simple etiquette, making it a great game for card players of all levels.

Keno, also known as Chinese Lottery, is a popular game created in China. It's one of the oldest casino games and was originally played with 80 Chinese characters, which were later replaced by 80 Arabic numerals.

Card games have always captivated those who are passionate about casinos. Caribbean Stud Poker is a great crossover between casino card games and the world of online poker.

Roulette has several different variations, including French, Mini, and Roulette Royale. However, the most common versions are European Roulette and its transatlantic twin, American Roulette.